Meny Lukk


Documenting Human Rights Violations in East Turkistan | UTJD – Uyghur Transitional Justice Database


The preliminary findings of the UTJD indicate that a large number of Uyghurs continue to be arbitrarily detained in internment camps, prisons, forced labour and other detention facilities across the region. Contrary to claims by the regional authorities that the detainees have been released, we have only observed a very small number of confirmed releases. The increasing number of testimonies provided by the individuals from around the world may indicate that the situation has not improved, contrary to the Communist party narratives. Documented cases convey the severity and the importance of addressing the issue at international level and reveal that serious human rights violations are being perpetrated against the Uyghur people by the CCP authorities. Uyghur Transitional Justice Database will actively engage with mass internment victims and document their stories, and assist them in furthering their cases.

We will continue to document these cases to ensure justice and accountability and to hold the Chinese Communist Party responsible for its gross human rights violations and abuses in East Turkistan. In our upcoming Annual Report, we will list the broader trends and add to the number of cases listed in the database to further understanding about the nature and current status of the camps and of the detainees.